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David Lloyd-Howells url - pending upgrade
David Lloyd-Howells - born Cardiff, Wales; international acousmatic sonic art composer and sound artist began composing aged nine; career as practical musician, community arts, music education, freelance composer and client Arts Council of Wales, listed Directory International Biography, Who's Who, Music and Musicians. Degrees: University of Wales-1980, University of London, Goldsmiths College-1983 Fellow Trinity College of Music-1979, Fellow, London College of Music-1980, Elected Fellow Royal Society of Arts for work in music education-1970-2006, Walford Davies Prize for Music Composition - 1980, Archive: National Library of Wales, Choirs and Dialogues, 1983 - watershed composition after which DLH devoted oeuvre entirely to composing with studio based music technology. Active champion of electronic acousmatic sound art music for intelligent listening.
Major sonic art music, continues to be mainly performed abroad since 1986, including
Nightcity Pulses,24'30"
Industrial Blues, 15'18"
Insects' Convention,18'29"
Fractosonic Graffiti,30'20"
Lethal Edge,6'28"
Alien Games,15'54"
Cosmic Liturgy,18'22"
Iconic States,15'35"
Wrath Conference,34'57"
Bleak Sleaze,9'45"
Dark Clowns,7'02"
Thermal Vista,5'40"
Metro Canticles,13'15"
Surphing the Strobes,9'18"
Acousmatic Symphony, 40'00"

* * *

Sonicity Records, worldwide distributor CD Baby,Inc. Oregon,USA www/

DLH is also a published poet and controversial polemicist writer and thinker on music, culture and the arts. He has published articles, essays and newsletters in specialist media and has been featured in the mainstream press:

Cultural Totalitarianism;

Fox in the Chicken;

Money Music;

Vinegar in My Coffee;

The Third Practice;

Worm in the Muse;

Noodles in My Soup;

Opera in a Rut;

The Cosmic Bicycle;

The Art of Fact;

Carts for Dead Horses;

Reality of Benign Distraction;

Fashion Music

Between Factory and Museum;

Flies in the Ointment

Rhythms of Retro Unreason;

Insightionomic Perception, a new
approach to composing music;

Sonic Art Music and a new aesthetic . . . etc.

* * *

These and many other works of literary writings challenging attitudes, perception and opinion are in preparation for online publication.